Q: What is CryptoGas.shop?

CryptoGas.shop is a convenient, efficient and low commission token buying service. You can use any currency, wallet, or even exchange such as Binance to buy your target cryptocurrency.

Q: What should I do if I has not received the token for more than 30 minutes?

A: Generally, on-chain transfers take a certain amount of time, usually 1~ 30 minutes. If takes more than 30 minutes after your payment, please contact us [email protected] or join the telegram group.

Q: How about the proccessing fee charged?

A: In order to provide you with better service, in addition to the fixed GAS fee, we also need to charge a certain transaction fee. 1 dollar will be charged for purchases less than or equal to 100 dollars, and 1% will be charged for purchases greater than 100 dollars.

Q: Why is the amount of coins I received inconsistent with the amount of coins I placed?

A: Because the price of Cryptocurrency is volatile, there is a 15-second delay between the estimated price of the page and the price of the order. During this 15-second period, the price generally fluctuates, so sometimes you get a little less coins, sometimes you get a little more coins.

Q: Where did the Cryptogas.shop's token price come about?

A: CryptoGas.shop is an application developed based on the MixPay protocol, and the transaction is provided by the MixPay protocol service.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Once the order is placed and paid, it cannot be cancelled. Because when you pay, the system will automatically purchase the target currency for you.

Q: Under what circumstances will the purchase fail? Will there be an automatic refund?

A: When your payment amount is less than the order amount, the purchase failure may occur. When you wait more than 30 minutes and your account has not arrived, please contact us [email protected] or join the telegram group.

Q: What currencies do CryptoGas.shop currently support?

A: Currently we support the purchase of BNBCHAIN , APTOS , TON , TRON , SOLANA , ETHEREUM , LITECOIN , CKB , POLYGON , COSMOS , BITCOIN , DOGECOIN. and more cryptocurrency will be supported soon.

Q: Where can I use Cryptogas.shop?

A: Currently our partners are TokenPocket wallet, Bitkeep wallet (you can see the tool entrance on the asset page), OpenMask wallet, Tonkeeper wallet, etc. For more cooperation releases, we will synchronize the official announcement in the Telegram community or official Twitter account. If you are a wallet or tool platform and want to cooperate with us , please contact business colleagues Telegram.

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